Review : Proxy by Alex London

“Syd’s life is not his own. As a proxy he must to pay for someone else’s crimes. When his patron Knox crashes a car and kills someone, Syd is branded and sentenced to death. The boys realize the only way to beat the system is to save each other so they flee. The ensuing cross-country chase will uncover a secret society of rebels, test the boys’ resolve, and shine a blinding light onto a world of those who owe and those who pay.
This fast-paced thrill ride of a novel is full of breakneck action, shocking twists and heart-hammering suspense that will have readers gasping until the very last page.” ( goodreads)


This book is perfect. PERFECT. Like, wow. I love absolutely everything about it!
The story is fantastic and original. I love the idea and i was intrigued to see how it would all turn out. Proxy was, for me, very hard to put down. I just couldn’t stop reading. Alex London knows how to create a fascinating world. His writing is great. But what i love the most of this book as to be the characters. Knox and Sid are some of the best characters i’ve seen in a while. They are smart, lovable and different. I love their relationship and how they change during the book. I love how funny they are.
The ending was a surprise, not gonna lie, it was unexpected. It broke my heart.
Just one more reason to pick up the next one.

Proxy : 5/5


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