Wrap-up : june

Okay, i know, this is alot of books. 14 in a month.

I have a problem.

Absolutly loved all of my reads this month.
My favorite : The Proxy Series


4 thoughts on “Wrap-up : june

  1. Agh, you’re so lucky! That book pile looks wonderful. The Infernal Device series is awesome (not as great as the Mortal Instruments, but still great.) I’ve heard Proxy is pretty fantastic; I’ll have to read it eventually.

    • Thanks ^_^ yes, The Infernal devices was amazing! I cried so much while reading Clockwork Princess </3 TMI was better, but i really liked TID, mostly because of Jem. Lets be honest, he's perfect! yes, you should really check Proxy, it's now one of my favorite book! Alex London's writing is flawless. ❤

      • Clockwork Princess was definitely tear worthy. Especially that ending. Ahh.
        Haha, I actually liked Will more than Jem, but I can’t argue that Jem is so sweet and caring and cute. But Will is so passionate and determined!
        And yay, I love hearing about new, awesome books.

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