Wrap-up : june

Okay, i know, this is alot of books. 14 in a month.

I have a problem.

Absolutly loved all of my reads this month.
My favorite : The Proxy Series


4 thoughts on “Wrap-up : june

  1. Raised A Reader says:

    Agh, you’re so lucky! That book pile looks wonderful. The Infernal Device series is awesome (not as great as the Mortal Instruments, but still great.) I’ve heard Proxy is pretty fantastic; I’ll have to read it eventually.

    • sarahinzombieland says:

      Thanks ^_^ yes, The Infernal devices was amazing! I cried so much while reading Clockwork Princess </3 TMI was better, but i really liked TID, mostly because of Jem. Lets be honest, he's perfect! yes, you should really check Proxy, it's now one of my favorite book! Alex London's writing is flawless. ❤

      • Raised A Reader says:

        Clockwork Princess was definitely tear worthy. Especially that ending. Ahh.
        Haha, I actually liked Will more than Jem, but I can’t argue that Jem is so sweet and caring and cute. But Will is so passionate and determined!
        And yay, I love hearing about new, awesome books.

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