Review : Carrie by Stephen King

“An unpopular teenage girl whose mother is a religious fanatic is tormented and teased to the breaking point by her more popular schoolmates and uses her hidden telekinetic powers to inflict a terrifying revenge.” (Goodreads)

I’ve forgot how much i love Stephen King. So, from the very start of the book you know something bad is going to happen. I like it when a book does that, it makes you want to keep on reading. I knew already how the story would end, i’ve seen the movie, but i was still curious about King’s ending. Loved it. it’s told from multiple point of view and i found that to be very interesting. I also really enjoyed the excerpts from articles written about the incident, the parts of books and interrogations of some of the characters after the prom night. All this made Carrie a very suspenseful book. The storyline was great and original. Very dark. The characters were okay, you mostly feel really bad for all of them at the end.

Carrie : 4/5


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