Series i won’t be finishing.


Life is to short for books that you can’t get into. Well. I have a couple of series i started and that i don’t plan on finishing.

The Maze Runner : uh-oh. Attacking a popular book. But The Maze Runner didn’t made it for me. I enjoyed the story, but i was not the biggest fan of the writing. I also really hate Thomas, he’s annoying. I really liked the movie, maybe i will check out the other movies, but i don’t think i will be reading the other books.

The Monstrumologist : Rick Yancey’s writing is absolutly amazing. I loved it. I also love monstres and creepy story, but i felt like something was missing. I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe i would give the second book a chance. We will see.

The Warrior Heir : i couldn’t even finish book #1… But i don’t think it was the book’s fault. It was not really my favorite genre. The characters were boring, the writing was ok, the story was a bit dull to me.

Under the never sky : i’ve read the first two books of the series and bought the last one. But i just don’t care about how this story will end. I don’t care about the characters or anything related to this series. To be honest, i even know why i read the second book.

Hope you don’t hate me now. Sorry of one of those series is your favorite. I just coudn’t get into them..


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