Review : Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare (Manga)

Again, i’ll keep it very short because i already did a review for the original novel of this story.
The manga is very enjoyable and a good way to reread this amazing story.
But there is a couple things that i dislike about the manga. I feel like Will is much less lovable in this book. Even the friendship between him ad Jem is not as strong. I think they should have give a bigger place to this friebdship because it’s a important piece of the book. The love story is not as interesting if you don’t get how close Will and Jem are. I don’t know if i’m the only one who feels like that. I also feel like they focus more on the couple Will/Tessa than Jem/Tessa and i think it’s a bit sad. Jem and Tessa are a great couple in the book, i love them together, but the manga makes it feel like Tessa is not in love with him. Everything is happening so fast that you can’t really understand their love.
i still like this manga, but you really should read the books if you want to understand and enjoy the story.

Clockwork Prince (Manga) : 4/5


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