Taylor Swift book tag!

1) We are never getting back together: a book or series you were pretty sure you were in love with but then wanted to break up

The Divergent series. I think the first book is amazing, but the two others are just okay. By the end, i was starting to find it a bit dull and i was not happy with how it ends…

2) Red : pick a book with a red cover

I swear Proxy is in every tag i do. It’s just because it’s one of my favorite book and there’s red on the cover.

3) The best day : pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic

This was my favorite series when i was a kid. My best friend and I used to dreased up like the characters

4) love story : pick a book with a forbidden love

Good book and very, very forbidden love.

5) i knew you were trouble : pick a book with a bad character you couldn’t help but love

Lord Voldemort is the best vilain ever and i kinda like him.

6) innocent : pick a book that someone ruined the ending of

Remember when i said i hated the ending of the divergent series? Well, i hated it even before i read it…

7) everything has changed : pick a book that has a character who goes through extensive character development

Every characters of the Shatter Me series? Haha. I think Juliette changed so much. She become so strong and by the end she’s one hell of a badass girl.

8) forever and always : pick your favorite book couple

Alec and Magnus, Augustus and Hazel, Mara and Noah, so many perfect couple.

9) you belong with me : most anticipated book release

Need the next books in these series. NEED THEM. NEEEEEED THEM SO MUCH.

10) come back, be here : pick a book you wouldn’t lend out to anymore for fear of missing it too much

Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite writer and i couldn’t lend it out to anybody because i like to get lost in his words.


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