Review : My True Love Gave To Me

i wanted to share with you guys some of my thoughts on the short stories in My True Love Gave To Me. It was a good book, so here are my short reviews :

MIDNIGHT by Rainbow Rowell : Rainbow Rowell’s story was sooooo cute. i wish we had more of this story. i absolutely LOVE Noel and Mags, their relationship is wonderful. 4/5

THE LADY AND THE FOX by Kelly Link : it was an interesting story, but it was not my favorite. i had a hard time getting into it, and that is not a good thing when it’s a short story. 3/5

ANGELS IN THE SNOW by Matt De La Peña : absolutely love the writing and the character builting, very well-written and realistic. i had a strong connection with Shy, the main character. i really want to check out more of Matt De La Peña because this was amazing. 5/5

POLARID IS WHERE YOU’LL FIND ME by Jenny Han : i actually found this one a bit sad. but it was still pretty good. The setting was great and super christmassy. 3.5/5

IT’S A YULETIDE MIRACLE, CHARLIE BROWN by Stephanie Perkins : really cute and christmassy story. Like always, Perkins makes my heart go AWWWWH. I absolutely love the characters. 4/5

YOUR TEMPORARY SANTA by David Levithan : a bit dissapointed by this one. i feel like it was to short to be really enjoyed, like something was missing, but i still like it. I love David Levithan’s writing. 3/5

KRAMPUSLAUF by Holly Black : Meh. interesting story, but not very christmassy… it was original but it didn’t really made it for me. i also didn’t really like the characters. 2.5/5

WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE, SOPHIE ROTH? by Gayle Forman : fun and cute story. I really like Forman’s writing. The characters were great too. 4/5

BEER BUCKETS AND BABY JESUD by Myra McEntire : Cute story, don’t have much to say about this one. it was enjoyable and fun, but not my favorite, mostly because i didn’t care about the characters. 3.5/5

WELCOME TO CHRISTMAS, CA by Kiersten White : this story was amazing. i love the charcters, the christmassy vibe, the writing, the setting. everything was great and magical. 5/5

STAR OF BETHLEHEM by Ally Carter : this was an other good story. i didn’t really liked the characters, but the story was still very fun and original. 4/5

THE GIRL WHO WOKE THE DREAMER by Laini Taylor : Well, i really don’t understand why this story is in this book. i like it, but it was not christmassy at all. I LOVE the writing, Laini Taylor is an amazing storyteller. It was a good story. 3.5/5

Overall, i really enjoyed this book. it was cute and fun. It was a perfet read for this time of the year and I think i will be rereading it next christmas!

My True Gave To Me : 4/5


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