Review : Slash by Evan Kingston

“Alex Bledsoe would rather die than reveal her secret crush. As a star of TV’s #1 family drama, she’s certain coming out of the closet would end her career. Worse still, her one true love is America’s hottest young actress, Lissa Blaine, who just happens to play her older, prettier, and smarter big sis each week on Koop’s Kitchen. So Alex hates Lissa too, wishes her dead every time she stumbles onto the tabloid covers with a Long-Island in hand and some new B-list beefcake on her arm.
Desperate for an outlet each night after filming wraps, Alex closes the shades on her trailer and reads slash stories on internet fan-fiction forums: trashy little tales written by viewers about an imagined romance between her character and Lissa’s. All unbelievable moans and trite whispers, the fantasies are so incestuously metafictional, Alex believes them best taken to her grave—until an anonymous author begins to post violent slash stories, and Alex’s lusty dreams start to open up graves of their own.
As Alex struggles to decide whether she is turned on or disturbed, Koop’s Kitchen’s real-life actors start dying in suspiciously similar scenes. Sure that the parallels are more than coincidence, she begins to search the stories for suspects and clues instead of steamy caresses. But as she works to catch the killer before he slashes again, Alex realizes that revealing the secrets she’d die to hide might be the only way to save the lives of everyone she loves.”

I must say that a book describe as a metafictional erotic thriller / comedic murder mystery / romantic slasher is something that definitely gets me intrigued.
it took me a couple chapters to really get into it. I found the first chapters to be a bit slow, even with the murders happening.
But the second part, gosh that was good! when the investigation really takes a more important place, i couldn’t put it down. It was a thrilling and awesome story. The mystery had my full attention and kept me guessing until the end. It was very well done.
The characters were great too, but i didn’t really care about most them. The only one that actually stole my heart was Perry. what a weird and wonderful character. His humor is fantastic and he adds so much to the plot. I like how original and fun he was, even in such a dark situation. i had mix feeling for Alex. Like for the plot, i found her a bit dull in the first part, but her characters goes through so many changes. By the end, i found her refreshing.
The whole fanfiction aspect was a big plus. I love how relatable this was. I have read fanfics during my 5 years of high school. I felt a bit nostalgic, but it was nice to explore this world again.
Also, i have to mention the epilogue. The speach about books and literature was beautifully well written. I love it when books have a good ending, not happy, just good.

i would describe Slash by saying it’s a perfect mix between Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and Scream (the movie series) and i’m a big fan of both.

Slash : 4/5


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