Review : The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

So, my girlfriend, Cassidy, is threatening to kick me to the curb again, my best friend suddenly wants to put the brakes on our lives of fabulous fun, my mom and big sister are plotting a future in which I turn into an atomic vampire, and my dad, well, my dad is a big fat question mark that I’m not sure I want the answer to. 
Some people would let a senior year like this get them down. Not me. I’m Sutter Keely, master of the party. But don’t mistake a midnight philosopher like me for nothing more than a shallow party boy. Just ask Aimee, the new girl in my life. She saw the depth in the Sutterman from that first moment when she found me passed out on the front lawn. Okay, so she’s a social disaster, but that’s where I come in. 
Yes, life is weird, but I embrace the weird. Let everyone else go marching off into their great shining futures if they want. Me, I’ve always been more than content to tip my whisky bottle and take a ride straight into the heart of the spectacular now.”


After finishing this book, I felt so out of it. Not because it was a bad ending, but more because it was a very realistic ending and it made me sad. That last chapter was like a kick in the face. No romantic climax, no big happing ending, just an emotial ride. 

Overall, not much really happens in this book, maybe that is why It took me such a long time to get into it. The storyline is mostly simple. boy meets sweet and innocent girl and he has a bad influence on her and all that jazz. 

but weirdly, it is still a good read.

What makes it so great is Sutter. I absolutely love Sutter. He is such a great character. i love his voice so much. He is not the most likable character but his perspective on life is soooo interesting. I love his way of thinking and I love how he sees life. It was so fun and amazing to read. 

And the writing style is wonderful too. it gives such a good sound to the book. There is also so many great quotes in it.  This story made me think about life and about how I see the things around me. l love it when books have an impact on how I live my life and this one did. 

The Spectacular Now : 4/5


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