Review : Charmed (The witch hunter #2) by Michelle Krys 

“In this sequel to Hexed, a modern day witch hunt is going on in L.A., and Indie risks her life to save her friend Paige, who, along with a group of other mortal teens, has been abducted and taken to Los Demonios, an alternate dimension of Los Angeles, where the most evil and murderous witches and sorcerers are sent to after they’ve been tried for a crime.”

If you didn’t know it, Hexed, the first book in this series, was absolutely amazing and one of my favorite reads of last year. So you can understand how EXCITED I was for Charmed.

And, well, it was good and diffrent from the first one. Overall, the storyline was great and entertaining. I really enjoyed the whole idea of the prison. indigo discovers some interesting secrets about her past and family, adding some good twists to the story. The ending was really good. I’m not to sure if we are getting a third book because that ending was just perfect. The main thing I enjoyed from Hexed was how fun it was, mostly because of the wonderful Bishop, but the sequel cut off most of this aspect. The characters and the story are much more mature and dark. Bishop and Indigo’s growth was well-done and useful in this sequel, but i still missed the more fun part of Hexed. Bishop and Indigo’s relation is absolutely perfect, i love their chemistry. Indigo is a great character, i really like how she doesn’t need her love interest to act. She knows how to think by herself without having to asked for Bishop’s help. Bishop is wonderful, charming, funny, and the perfect boyfriend. I will ship them forever. 

So yes, Charmed was a good sequel, but I still prefer Hexed. I would recommend this series. 🙂

Charmed : 4/5


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