T.A.L.C Read-a-thon – TBR


hello lovely people, I decided to be part of this read-a-thon, i probably won’t be able to read all the books i want to, but hey, lets try it! 

my TBR : 

1) Top of your TBR – Well, that would be A Darker Shade of Magic. i’m a bit cheating because that is the book i’m currently reading, but i’m not very far in and i know i won’t finish it before the read-a-thon starts, so it’s part of my TBR. 

2) Favorite color cover – A little something different. Pink is my favorite color.

3) Not so well known book – The Turning. 

4) Favorite re-read – that would be the first book in the Harry Potter series. I’ve been thinking about rereading this series for a long time, this is a good time to start! 

5) Favorite genre – Confess. It’s not really my favorite genre, but I have been in a big contemporary mood lately, so i would say it’s one of my favorite genre at this moment.
So here it is, my TBR list for this read-a-thon!


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