How to be a bookworm on a budget

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One of the question I get asked the most over on my instagram is how the hell do I get that many books?

Nop. I am not rich…or a criminal. I just learned a couple of tricks over the years about where to get my books and today i will be sharing them with you.

1) Booksale :
Booksale are your new best firend. Always check your bookstore website to see if they are having any sale in the coming days. You may not find the exact book you are looking for, but you will find some interesting cheap ones that you may want to read.

2) Online book shopping:
Nothing beats the feeling of getting lost in a bookstore for hours, but online shopping does have a very good side : you can find books for a very, very good price. With websites like Amazon or Bookdepository, it’s very easy to find what you are looking for. I would also recommend checking Bookoutlet because you can find hardcover for less than 4$! It’s a magical place.

3) Netgalley :
If you are a book blogger, Netgalley is an interesting place to look at. They have a nice selection of titles for us to choose from. All you have to do is request the book you wish to read and, if the Publisher accept it, they send you a ebook. Sometimes you even get to read books before they even come out. All they want in exchange is a review.

4) Ebooks
Obviously, ebooks are not as fun, but if you are on a budget, they can be a good option for a while. Ebooks are cheaper than real books, so you can read more for your money. I use a Kobo and I really enjoy it.

5) Library
This is your best option if you can’t buy books. You basically have an entire building full of free books that you can read, USE IT.

6) Bookworm friends
Going shopping with some bookworm friends is so great because if you both want to read the same book, one of you can buy it and the other can borrow it. Share the fun people.

Hope this helps a bit, don’t buy books if you haven’t payed all you bills yet. Reponsibilities are boring, but don’t get in trouble because you need new books. 😉


One thought on “How to be a bookworm on a budget

  1. Records of the Ohanzee says:

    For e-books, you can also check the daily countdown deals on Amazon to find e-books on sale for as low as $0.99. The listing is buried a bit deeply, but you can get to it by going to Amazon and looking under Today’s Deals, then Digital Deals, then Countdown Deals. ^_^

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