Review : Afterimage (The Enertia Trials #1) by J. Kowallis

“Reggie’s dreams . . .

aren’t dreams.

Visions of the future flood her mind like shards of broken puzzles. Caged in her cell, every morning begins the same. She’s drugged, tortured, and images are torn from her memory by Public One.

Until the morning everything changes. The vision is different. The future’s never been about her, and now she knows they’re coming for her:
How will she convince them to keep her alive when Nate, their leader, doesn’t like or even trust her? To him, she’s a science experiment. A machine.
When Public One will do anything to keep her, Reggie must make a decision: remain a slave to her past, or risk her future to venture into a world more terrifying than she’s ever known.”

Copy provided in exchange for an honest review. 🙂

Holy crap that was a good book! I absolutely love it! by now, you guys probably know that there is 3 things important for me in a book : Writing, characters, storyline. This book has everything I like and enjoy. The writing is wonderful. i was hooked from the start and it didn’t let me go until the very end. Such a well written page turner. The plot is entertaining and intense. You just never know what is going to happen next or who’s going to get hurt, you are never sure if your favorite is going to survive until the end. Oh my poor little heart, I got very emotional during some parts. I also really enjoy the brutality of the story, it’s dark and bloody and oh so good. The character development was incredible, just wow. I love all of them so much. Reggie and Nate are both strong and fascinating. Their relationship is so interesting and i love watching these two together. I enjoy all the POVs, it was fun seeing a little bit of all of them. It made me care more. My only problem with this book was maybe the word building, i feel like it was not develop enough. I wanted to know more about it. I feel like I needed more details about this world and the Public One. 

This book was an intense and incredible ride and i am SO EXCITED for the sequel!

Afterimage: 4/5

Buy the book here : Afterimage 


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