FanExpo 2015 – My very Harry Potter adventure


Hello everybody,

I just wanted to share with you what I was up to this last weekend because I still can’t believe any of this really happened. So much emotions in 3 days. I have to talk about it.

So, me and my best friend jumped in a bus a couple days ago and went to Fanexpo in Toronto. That’s a 7hrs ride and it was painfull. We arrived in Toronto around 5h and went directly to our hotel because, gosh, 7hrs in bus is exhausting. We’ve been saving up for this trip for months now and our hotel was a 5 stars beauty. I still can’t believe we stayed in such a nice place :

Photo 2015-09-03 17 26 51

Oh, and the view, guys, the VIEW from our room was amazing, It was one of my favorite part of the place, I’m going to miss it so much to be honest.

Photo 2015-09-03 21 41 20 Photo 2015-09-04 07 15 55 Photo 2015-09-03 17 33 55

My pictures don’t really show how beautiful it was. The whole city in front of us, with the water at the end. Magical. I love Toronto.

If you have never been to a convention before, let me explain what it is like. It’s the best place on earth. It’s a big event full of geek stuff. You get to meet not only some of you favorite celebrities, but you also get to meet some other people who won’t judge you for loving what you love. You get to buy arts and toys and games, and see interesting panels and Q&As. Never a boring moment. There is always something to do or see. I go to 3 diffrent cons in a year, Montreal’s comiccon, Ottawa’s comicon and Toronto’s fanexpo…but this one, over all the years going at cons, was my best yet.


Because of Harry freaking Potter. Like many other bookworm, Harry Potter is THE series that made me fall in love with reading. I was OBSESSED with the books and the movies…well, I still am. When I say obsessed, i mean reading the books 10times and not be bored, watching the movies  no-stop, having 21 Harry Potter posters in my teenage room and waiting for the library to open so I could buy the new book. Yup. Obsessed. So, you have to understand that when the people over at Fanexpo announced that the Phelp twins were going to be there, i started freaking out..even more when thay added Tom Felton to the guest list…and I died of happiness when Rupert Grint was announced last Saturday.


So, yup, guys..I have meet Tom Felton and Rupert Grint. DRACO MALFOY AND RON WEASLEY.

You have to understand that Ron Weasley is my everything. First fictional crush, favorite character of my favorite series and just never, NEVER expected in my entire life to one day meet him. Never.

I was shaking the entire time.

What the hell am I suppose to do when Ron is standing next to me? It took everything I had not to start crying during my picture. My heart was going crazy and I was just standing there, trying not to died.

They were both sont beautiful and perfect and gosh guys, I still can’t believe it.

But, it happened :

Draco Ron

I don’t think my life could get any better right now. I am SO GRATEFUL and happy.

I also went to the Hannibal panel ( Mads Mikkelsen, can’t believe they canceled that PERFECT show), the Scream cast panel (Best movie ever,right?), The Walking Dead (this cast is amazing, funny and the promise us a crazy new season) and obviously. Tom Felton’s panel. He’s hilarious. I love him.

I went a bit crazy while doing some shopping :

Photo 2015-09-07 08 26 19 Photo 2015-09-07 08 23 02  Photo 2015-09-05 16 53 03   Photo 2015-09-04 17 57 57Photo 2015-09-07 08 18 14

I was sad to leave Toronto, but very happy to back home and sleep in my own bed. Hello reality, i didn’t miss you that much….

That is all, I know it’s not what I usually post, but I like writing about my little adventures, maybe i’ll do more of these in the future.

I’m going to end this post with a badroom selfie, because, why not? 😉

Photo 2015-09-03 18 28 57


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