October Madness : My horror story and why I love it.


People always look surprise when I say that I’m a horror fan. Their answer is always : Why? I find it hard to give them a real answer because really, i’m still not sure.

The crazy world of horror has always been part of my life. For as long as I can remember, I always enjoyed a good horror story. It all started when I was a little girl. I remember being very young and sitting in the front of my TV watching the latest episode of Goosebumps, or I was often found with my little brother when I was 7 and he was 5 and we were watching A Nigthmare on Elm Street of Chucky. Yup. Those were my first horror movies. I didn’t watched much more horror movies until the summer before high school, but I keep on reading and watching Goosebumps.I also remember one of my teacher, when I was around 10 i think, who used to tell us scary stories in the dark after classes. I was scared, but i could not stop listening. She was an incredible storyteller. The next horror movie I watched were during the summer before high school. I went to one of my friends house for an end of school sleepover. The menu : The Ring, White Noise and Thirteen Ghosts.

They scared the hell out of me.

But I was hooked.

I never stop watching horror movies after that. The first two years of high school I spent my weekends with my 3 best friends and we watched every horror movie our video store had. I alse stayed close to genre in my reading. I used to love paranormal stories (I still do)

So, I pretty much grow up with horror always in my mind. My parents never stopped me, they didn’t care if i was a bit weird.

I think the reason why horror was so important is that it made me feel things that I could not find anywhere else. Not without the safety of my room. It’s the same reason why people go and jump off a plane, to fell fear. To enjoy it. To control it.

I like beautiful horror. When the gore and the terror are painted in a magnificent way. I think the best exemple of that would be the Tv show Hannibal. Watch an episode, you will undertand what i’m saying.


I love horror. I love being scared and I love the gore and the ghosts and the monsters and the weirdly slow serial killers. I love the screaming teenagers and horrible aliens. I love the darkness and the magic and the boogeyman under the bed.

I love horror.


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