October Madness : «What’s your favorite horror movie?»


Oh, i have been asked this question SO MANY TIMES. I have so many favorite horror movies, it’s pretty much impossible to just pick one. The first movie that comes to mind would be Friday the 13th : part 2. Jason is my favorite killer. I don’t really know why, but I just LOVE him. An other of my favorite would be American Mary. I have seen this movie so many times but i never get bored. Not only is it very original, it also features my favorite : Katharine Isabelle.


Talking about my favorite scream queen, I have to mention Ginger Snaps, because this is THE BEST werewolf movie. One of the creepiest movies I have watch is Sinister. Everything about this film is incredible. I love the story, the acting, the horror aspect and the music. The music in this film is so freaking good. I have a thing for aliens too, so this is why I’m always excited about new horror movies with aliens in it. My favorites are Signs, Dark Skies and Extraterrestrial. These three movies are all fantastique. I still can’t watch Signs without feeling a bit weird. I think it’s because the invasion is quiet. There is not big explosion and guns, it’s quiet and terrifying.  The last movie i am going to talk about is the Scream series. I LOVE THIS SERIES. All of them (not the tv show, nop. NOP.). These movies are entertaining and fun, and full of horror references. Wes Craven was a genius.

So, this is it. These are some of my favorite horror movies. Of course, I could have named many more.


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