Currently Watching : The Shadowhunters – S1E1

Hello people of the blogging world, I’m trying something new today. Yup, I decide to blog while watching the first episode of The ShadowHunters. So, I guess it may be messy a bit, but at least you are getting everything that is happening in my head while watching the show.

If you are wondering, i’m watching it on Netflix Canada, they have the first episode up and will add the new episode every week.

Ok, ready?



  • Alec is hot, but what is up with all the crazy jumps?
  • Already not sure about that intro.
  • 18 bday? So they are all older, that explains why the cast looks so old. haha.
  • Simon is adorable.
  • WHAT? LUKE IS IN THE POLICE. What the hell. O.O
  • #Stalkermom?
  • Your mom could be hiding some deap dark secrets…oh, how cheesy.
  • What is that? It looks like a FBI base or something?! NOT how I pictured the shadowhunter’s house. Nop. Really don’t like it!
  • OMG, everything is so cheesy. What the hell…
  • Magnus being is epic self. I feel like I will love every adaptation of his character. He is one of the most interesting character out there, excited to see more of him.
  • What is up with Isabelle? They make her look like a slut.
  • LOVED that fight scene in the Club. So cool.
  • They have changed so many things from the book T.T
  • I do like the way the monsters look.
  • I love how Simon is so lost, makes him even more adorable.

So, done.

That was…interesting. I feel like the whole show is way over the top super mega cheesy and really different from the book. There is many things I dislike, like why make Luke a policeman? Why change that? But I also find the whole thing weirdly entertaining. The fight scenes were great and fun. As for the casting choice, well, i’m not so sure. I don’t think the acting was the best and now that I saw Jace and Clary, i’m not too sure about the choice of actor. Dom doesn’t feel like Jace to me. And Clary’s acting was way too much in some scenes. I do love Alec, Magnus and Simon. I still need to think about Isabelle. I think the casting is good, but the way they are bringing her character is weird. I really dislike the scene at the club where she just dance and all the boy-demons look at her…can’t remember, is that in the book? Also, they have changed SO MANY details from the book that it hurts my bookworm heart.

After this pilot, I can only say that yes I will be giving episode 2 a chances, nop this is not the best thing ever, but it was entertaining enough. Lets just hope it gets better next week!


3 thoughts on “Currently Watching : The Shadowhunters – S1E1

  1. Mia Salazar says:

    I want to watch that series but at the same time I don’t because Lily and Jamie’s not the ones playing Clary and Jace, and even though Jamie isn’t the one I pictured to play Jace, there’s just that clingy-ness towards their roles. I don’t know, maybe I’ll give the series a shot?
    Looking forward to more of your reactions towards the series. Surely, I’ll base my decision on your comments. haha!

    Mia xx – Chaotic Tales

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