Zombie Apocalypse book tag.

today, i’m doing the zombie apocalyspe book tag because it sounds super fun, so here is how it works :

  1. Pick 5 books
  2. Turn to a random page
  3. The first name you see gets to be on your zombie survival team
  4. Apply the characters to the 10 situations and types of people in the order you got them.

Okay, ready? Let’s kill some zombies!

My five books are :


  • the first person to die : Nehemia – Ohhhh, no! 😦
  • The person you trip to get away from the zombie : Celaena – HAHAHAHA….there is a good chance that she would just get up and kill me right after. No way i could just trip Celaena Sardothien and get away with it. Nop.


  • The first person to turn into a zombie : Hedwig – Can Owls even turn into zombies?? Because flying zombies sounds really scary!
  • The person that trips you to get away from the zombies : Hermione – WHAT! O.O


  • the idiot of the team : Magnus Bane – i really, really, really don’t believe that. NOP.
  • The “brains” of the team : Clary – yup, i also have a hard time believe in that too, i like Clary, but I don’t really see her has the brain of my team.


  • The Team’s medic : Penelope – yup, i can see that. I would feel good about having Penny has my medic.
  • The Weapons expert : Baz – okay, i think..


  • The brawler : Cinder – i’m not that surprise, haha.
  • The Team Captain : Thorne – oh god, this could be great or insane, but i’m really happy about having Thorne in my team. He’s smart and i think he could save us…maybe…

So, that was fun! Zombies and book. And i actually like my team : Nehemia, Celaena, Hedwig, Hermione, Magnus, Clary, Penelope, Baz, Cinder and Throne. BRING ON THE ZOMBIES.


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