Currently Watching : The Shadowhunters – S1E2

Hello Shadowhunters friends, it’s this time of the week when I sit in front of my TV with my laptop and watch the latest episode of The Shadowhunters. I am very excited about this one because I saw many people saying that it was much better than the first one. I’m expecting more cheesy lines with some entertaining scenes. I was looking forward to this episode all week to be honest, so I guess the first one wasn’t so bad.

Read my episode 1 blog post :  X


  • I still hate the way they made the institute look, this is nothing like the book. It looks more like I’m watching CSI or something.
  • Matthew Daddario is a great Alec!
  • SIZZY!
  • To be honest, i’m just SO EXCITED for Malec.
  • OKAY, not how I pictured Hodge…so, like, every old/ugly character has been turned into handsome people in this show.
  • I feel like this Isabelle is much different from book Isabelle.
  • a wild Magnus full of glitter appeared.
  • Clary’s hair are A+
  • i’m excited to see the City of Bones!
  • you’re Clary freaking Fray
  • Shadowhunters looking better in black than the widows of our enemy – one of my favorite quote, glad it made it into the show.
  • The silent brothers are CREEPPPYYYYYY.
  • wow, Clary just likes to run away when she gets emotional. I feel like so far it was all about her  running and the others following her around.
  • And now we have some vampires, i’m abit pissed because in the books, when Simon gets taken by them, Alec and Magnus have meet for the first time. But not in the show, C’MON PEOPLE, I WANT MY MALEC!

Okay, so this is all for episode two. It was much better than the pilot, so i’m super excited to see how it goes from now. I’m really enjoying it. It’s still cheesy, i’m still not a big fan of the cast choice for Jace and Clary, and it still makes me mad that they have changed so many things from the book, but over all, i’m having a good time witht his show.

What I am hoping for next week : MALEC.

I’ll be blogging episode 3 next week, I’m enjoying doing these blog posts.



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