Currently watching : The Shadowhunters – S1E3


Hello world!
I know i’m late with this week episode, I was really busy with work. But now I have some time, so LETS DO THIS.




  • I know I says this every week, but GOSH ALEC IS CUTE. he is my favorite character in the series. I like how everybody who have only read the first book think it’s weird that i like him so much. 
  • Vampires are cool.
  • Jace is kind of growing on me, but I really can’t stand Clary. Her acting is so over played. nop. 
  • I do love a good bromance, Jace and Alec have a good one. 
  • “Alec doesn’t like anybody”…HAHAHAHA, only handsome warlock who loves glitter. I WANT MY MALEC.
  • I really hate how they are bringing Izzy’s character. Book-Izzy is SO MUCH BETTER.
  • so far, this episode is pretty much pointless…everybody is kissing everybody and i’m a bit bored.
  • i feel like they are trying oo hard to make this show “sexy” and it hurts the story.
  • I need more Magnus, please.
  • So….i’m guessing Simon won’t be turn into a rat, right? He’s going to become a vampire because he kissed and bite Camille…ugh.
  • yeah, sure, lets talk about our feeling while we enter the vampire’s hotel. Good one, Izzy!
  • Alec with his bow and arrows, my favorite.
  • “You’re my best friends”….aouch, friendzone. Sorry Simon. 

Well, the last 10 mins were awesome, but the first 3/4 was boring and had too much kissing for nothing. To be honest, they now have changed so many things from the book that I have a hard time really enjoying it. But i’ll keep on watching, just because it’s about the shadowhunters. Still no Malec, i’m pissed. I really was looking forward to seeing Simon turn into a rat, they decided to not included this part in the show, I’m also pissed. One of the things that is really making mad at this point is the the way they are pushing to hard on the sexy aspect of the shadowhunters. The whole scene with Izzy was pointless. They are using her character for her beauty and forgetting that she is also an epic badass shadowhunter. I also disliked the camille/Simon part, my mind was just screaming : WTF?!? 

oh well…….

See ya next week for the next episode!


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