When the books need a new house….

Hello world,

Today i want to talk about my new bookshelves because if you are like me, you must enjoy some bookshelf porn.

So, i only had 1 bookcase in my room, which was so full i had to play tetris to fit anything more. I was a bit scared that if i keep it up like this, the shelves would just give up and break.

it was time for new ones……or i could stop buying books, but we all know that’s never going to happen. ^_^

Anyway, i found my new bookshelf in a store called Canadian Tire. It’s a 3 shelves bookcase, on sale for 27$ (i think) and i bough two of them :

Then, the fun part of setting those bad boys up begun. it was actually pretty easy. I got 10points for being an adult.

And than the fun part! Adding my books on the new shelves. They are not organized in any way, i didn’t have much time. but i will work on that this week.

It’s really hard to take a full picture of what they look like because my bed is right in front, but you still can see what it looks like :


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