Currently Watching : The Shadowhunters – S1E4



Helloooo Shadowhunters!
it’s time to watch episode 4 of this strange little series, all i’m hoping for in this one is MALEC. let’s be honest, it’s one of the only reason why i’m still watching it. I do have a weird love/hate relationship with the show, but overall it’s entertaining enough.






  •  Riiiiight, forgot about Camille. –‘
  • Go find Magnus, Clary!
  • Simon had enough of all the craziness.
  • Shirtless Jace, we like that!
  • Jace is sooo pissed at Simon, haha. And Simon is soooo jealous. Dangerous mix.
  • Izzy is always half naked. Makes me mad.
  • I keep wondering who the hell is that cop, than I remember it’s Luke –‘
  • he just said Tessa’s name. omg. *freaks out*
  • I just love my Alec. And I also really like the chemistry between him and Izzy.
  • Who are you? Well, Magnus, that’s your future boyfriend. ♥
  • Holding hand, looking in each others eyes, that must have been a very funny scene to film.
  • MALEC, MALEC, MALEC. adorable.
  • Pretty boy. Omg, this episode is making me so freaking happy.
  • Harry Shum Jr. is such a great Magnus.

This episode was probably the best one yet. I had a great time. AND WE GOT MALEC. It’s on people, my OTP has been in the same room and all I can now hope for is for some cute scenes and lot more of Magnus. Oh, this episode was so fun. I’m really excited about next week now.



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