Review : Encender (The Enertia Trials #2) by J. Kowallis

“For twenty-something Ransley, the adopted daughter of famed street fighter Estevan Benitez, fighting is all she knows. One hidden detail separates her from the endless string of her pathetic opponents: she can craft and influence heat and fire. When she’s pitted against the strongest fighters at the infamous Argolla, Ransley faces something she never expected:

A man like her.

Roydon can duplicate himself. When the two collide in the ring, a chain of deals turns Roydon over to Public Four and he’s taken away to undergo the disturbing process of the Nexis. What it is, or what it does, no one outside of The Public knows.
Driven by guilt and a desire to release the only person she’s ever met who’s like her, Ransley isn’t about to leave him for dead—not when he might hold the answers to her missing past. Now she must trust a pair of strangers: a former military man out to collapse the system, and a woman whose premonitions could tear them all apart. ”

  • I was provided a copy in exchange for an honest review
  • This book comes out Feb 29 2016

I have to start this review by saying sorry if it’s abit messy, i have been awake most of the night reading this book because it was SO GOOD i just couldn’t put it down. i’m writing this review with a sleepy head but a happy heart. I don’t say this alot when i talk about book, but this sequel was even better than the first one. The storyline was incredible, it got my attention with a fantastic prologue and from there, I was completely hooked. There is so much i enjoyed in this book : The whole fighting aspect, mostly at the begining, was entertaining and so fun to follow. The special powers our characters have, it was great seeing new ones and learning about about all of them. AND THAT ENDING, what a cliffhanger! Book 2 is not even out and i’m already dreaming of getting my hands on the next one! The ending made my heart break, i just want everybody to be okay and happy! I think one of the main reason why i love this book so much was the characters. seeing Nate and Reggie was wonderful, it was like catching up with old friends. I love them both soooooo much, how can you not? Nate is freaking perfect! we get some very interesting new characters too. I like both Ransley and Roy very much! the relationship between all of them was so fun to follow. Ransley and Nate interactions may have been my favorite. ❤ Also, you know you love a character when simply reading his name makes you feel very sad….yes, i’m talking about you, Liam. Kowallis writing is perfect too. Each of her characters had its own voice. It’s an important aspect since the story is told from multiple POVs. 

So, i guess that’s all i have to say. Please read this series, it’s amazing, emotional and entertaining.

Encender : 4.5/5


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