Currently Watching : Shadowhunters – S1E7


Hello Shadowhunters!

So, I haven’t done one of those blog post for the last 2 episodes of this series. I don’t really have an excuse, I was just not feeling it. but i’m doing it for this week episodes. Yay me for not being the queen of procrastination.

Okay, so before we start episode 7, I just wanted to say a quick words about the last two weeks. To be honest, i’m bored with like 80% of the storylines. The fact that Simon is still wondering what the hell is happening to him is killing me. I also dislike that all Clary is capable of doing is getting in trouble and saying I have to save my mother. Yeah. We get it Clary, now how about you stop acting like a little baby and listen to what the shadowhunters that are trying to help you are saying. I hate the fact that they added a whole political aspect to the Lightwood story. They actually want to force Alec into getting Married? why is that a thing? I’m not going to lie people, at this point the only reason i’m watching is MALEC. Because YES we got some very, very interesting malec scenes is the past episodes and it’s making my fangirl heart super happy.

Now, lets see where this week episode is taking us.


  • Oh right, Clary remembers where the cup is! Forgot about that.
  • Did Magnus just compared Valentine to Beyonce?
  • Simon and that…girl? forgot her name. Don’t really care to be honest. Also, it’s pretty weird that he is seeing Clary instead of her. So…….being a Vampire makes you insane?
  • I really wish they didn’t change Luke’s character that much. 😦
  • Isabelle is not the type of girl who has a picture of her lover in her room. Just nop.
  • Clary and Jace faking a couple fight is actually pretty funny. haha.
  • Taking notes on vampire by watching Nosferatu? Seriously…?
  • So many clichΓ©s in just one simple conversation.
  • Alec is adorable. I love him.
  • Jace always looks so pissed about everything.
  • I hate Camille. I hate that she is in this season when she’s not suppose to.
  • Sure, Clary…NOW is the time to have a cute little conversation. –‘
  • i’m so bored of Simon’s storyline
  • No. Nop Jace.
  • annnnnnd they are kissing. #Clace

No Malec this week. 😦
But overall, it was a good episode. The only thing I dislike is really the Simon’s storyline. I love book-Simon, but this one is just annoying.

So, here it is, Shadowhunters episode 7. Good one. See ya next week, Shadowhunters! πŸ™‚


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