My type of character : who do you love?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of characters I love, the ones that stick with me long after i’m done with a book or a series. I realize I do have a type, I always fall in love with the same kind of character.

I usually never go for the main character. There is a good chance that my favorite person in a book is going to be the best friend. I don’t know why really, I just always had a thing for the sidekick. Ron Weasley for exemple. I like Harry very much, but I LOVE Ron. I love Alec more than Jace. I love Watson more than Holmes. I love Armin more than Eren. I love Adam more that Gansey (but really, I love all of my raven boys, just making a point here.) I’m not saying I dislike all the other characters, I don’t hate the heros of those stories, I just have a soft spot for their friends.

And when I look at all my babies, i also realize that one of my favorite quality is loyalty. I find it so adorable when i see a character ready to do ANYTHING for an other, someone who would believe and support their friends with everything they have. The kind of characters that would be ready die for the others. it’s just the kind of character that I love…. I do love a good bromance, not going to lie. Stories with two male best friends are usually my favorite for some weird reason.

I like the smart ones too, the brain following our impulsive heroes all over the place, saving the day in a quiet way. Those are also the ones that I will fall for. I really like this quality and i feel like it’s a important one. I hate when characters just go on doing really, really stupid actions and i will most likely not enjoy a book in that case. You can’t go saving the world if you don’t have brain, it just makes it unrealistic… Smart people are sometimes underestimated, so when i find a little brainiac,Β I keep it safe in my little heart.

So, overall, my type is going to be the smart, loyal sidekick. Obviously, there are some exception, but they all have a little something that makes they interesting. That is really all we want, right? Interesting characters, with personnalities and colours. Someone with who we can connect and for who we can care….the thing is, my type of character are usually the ones who get hurt, the ones who die for a better cause, the ones that I know, will break my heart.

What’s your type of character? Do you always fall for the same kind or is your taste all over the place?


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