Review : Untold (The Lynburn Legacy #2) by Sarah Rees Brennan

“It’s time to choose sides…. 
On the surface, Sorry-in-the-Vale is a sleepy English town. But Kami Glass knows the truth. Sorry-in-the-Vale is full of magic. In the old days, the Lynburn family ruled with fear, terrifying the people into submission in order to kill for blood and power. Now the Lynburns are back, and Rob Lynburn is gathering sorcerers so that the town can return to the old ways.
But Rob and his followers aren’t the only sorcerers in town. A decision must be made: pay the blood sacrifice, or fight. For Kami, this means more than just choosing between good and evil. With her link to Jared Lynburn severed, she’s now free to love anyone she chooses. But who should that be?”

I’m not going to lie guys, this was such a let down. I have LOVED the first book in this series and i was really excited to pick up the sequel….but sadly, this is not what i was hoping for. What i’m about to say has spoilers if you haven’t read the first one, so if you don’t want to know anything, please stop reading now……ok? lets talk. So, one of the things i really like from the first book was Kami and Jared’s connection. It was what made this whole series so special and fun, so i was pissed when they broke the connection at the end if book 1. In this second book, i felt like because they didn’t have it anymore, it didn’t have that special something that madd the story so original. I missed the link between these two characters and what it added to the plot. Also, i felt like nothing very exciting was happening. i was bored during some part. I really didn’t care much about the romance and i ABSOLUTELY dislike the love triangle….i hate it because it’s obvious who she’s going to pick, so the whole Kami/Ash romantic storyline is just pointless. I also felt like Kami was not as awesome in this book, i don’t know why, maybe it’s just me. It’s like something was missing from her character (maybe her connection with Jared? i really don’t have an answer to be honest). I did enjoyed the general gothic vibe of the story and the writing was great, i just wish the story went in an other direction, i think. 

I didn’t hate this book, it had a couple of great parts and fun twits, but it was such a let down from the first book that it’s hard for me to recommend it.

Untold : 3/5


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