Currently Watching : The 100 – S1E1


hello world,

A couple of days ago, I read The 100 and the reason why I first picked it up was because I kept hearing how AMAZING the TV show is. Today is the day I watch episode one, I really hope I get to see what all the hype is about.

Book review : X



  • So, i’m guessing that’s Clarke. But what? her mom is alive?
  • okay….so did they just skipped the whole Glass storyline?
  • Awh. Wells. ♥ He’s my favorite character in the book.
  • Bellamy is cute! Exactly how I pictured him!
  • Octavia is so pretty too!
  • haha, Apocalypse by Imagine Dragon. Perfect soundtrack xD
  • Who’s that cute, space walker guy? I don’t remember him from the book!
  • Flynn? Finn? So, they are adding new characters and forgetting about Glass on the show?
  • omg, LOVE how they made the animals. They did it exactly how they are described in the book.
  • I was so sure this douchebag was Graham…
  • Love that scene in the water with Octavia and that weird fish!
  • omg, Bellamy’s voice is beautiful. ♥ I may be falling in love with him, with his face and this wonderful voice. But, he’s obviously not thinking about all the poor innocent people on the ship. I get he’s mad at the ones in charge, but I wish he would start to think  about the families.
  • AWHH. Clarke waking up in the middle of the night and seeing all those lights in the forest. So pretty.
  • Wells father waking up and saving the day!
  • Oh shit. I was not expecting Jasper’s death.

Well, this was a very, very interesting first episode. Even if they have changed a lot of things from the book, I found it to still be very good and entertaining. Obviously, that was just one episode, so it’s hard to completely see how different the show and the book are from each other but so far I can says that I really like it. I’m kind of sad about not having Glass around in the show and about the Wells/Clarke relationship being barely touched. I’m super excited to see what happens next and I will be watching the rest of the season that’s for sure.



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