Book Merch Haul!

Hello dear crazy book lovers, in today’s blog post i want to show you some of my latest book merch. 


Yup. These little things are all stickers and they are now all on my laptop, showing off my book craziness. I think my favorite may be the Alec one because now i can stare at is beautiful face everytime i see my laptop. What more can i ask for? These little things were all less than 2$ and all from Redbubble

Phone case!

You know how much i love my shadowhunters, well, now i get to show the world my love for this amazing series. This lovely phone case is also from Redbubble, it was 30$. There’s alot of amazing shadowhunters phonecases if you want to check them out.

Some shadowhunter marry warlocks. Get over it. Because i’m 100% team Malec and i love showing it, Malec is my OTP, i will love them forever. This perfect shirt is also from Redbubble for 30$

You can never have enough coffee mugs, right? These GORGEOUS pieces of art are now part of my collection, mixing my love for books with my coffee addiction. The #CurrentlyReading + the Bookstagram mugs are from Evieseo’s Society6 store and the non-fictional one is from Bookworm boutique
So, here it is. My little book merch haul! i’m so happy about it. don’t you just love book merch? because i really do. 


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