The one when it’s too quiet.


Dear Monday,

I don’t like silence. I never did. When ever i’m home, alone, there’s either music or a TV playing somewhere in the apartment. I can’t even read when there’s no background sound. I’m not too sure why I hate silence so much, I think it’s because my mind is always so loud. My head can be a scary place sometimes, and I like to drown my thoughts with louder sounds.
I used to have an aquarium in my room. For the last 7 years, I fell asleep listening to the sound of the filter or to my turtle playing around.Β Last week, I moved the aquarium into the living room…my room is now perfectly quiet. I had such a hard time falling asleep at night this week. It’s too quiet and my thoughts are too loud. So, Monday, I guess that explain why i’m so exhausted this week. I don’t sleep and I spend too much time in my head. It wasn’t an easy week.

Lets hope this week is better.

Yours truly,


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