Wrap-up : May 2016

Hello Book lovers, we’re at the end of the month again and you all know what that means : WRAP-UP TIME! Yayy. *Happy Dance* 

May has been a GREAT reading month for me! I have read 2 graphic novels, 3 mangas, 1 short story and 10 novels.

Very proud of myself for reading all those beauties. We have already survive half of 2016, it’s crazy right? And my reading challenge is going really well so far, i’m at 66/100 read books. πŸŽ‰

πŸ“š City of Heavenly Fire : Reread.

πŸ“š Survive The Night : 2.5/5.

πŸ“š Outcast Vol 1 & 2 : 4/5.

πŸ“š Symptoms of Being Human : 4/5.

πŸ“š The Grownup : 4/5.

πŸ“š This Shattered World :3/5.

πŸ“š When We Collided : 4/5.

πŸ“š Hunter X Hunter 5, 6 & 7 : 4/5.

πŸ“š The Girl in 6E : 4.5/5.

πŸ“š ACOMAF : 5/5.

πŸ“š The Sea Monsters : 4/5.

πŸ“š City of Lost Souls : Reread.

πŸ“š A Thousand Pieces of you : 3/5.

Favorite ? A Court of Mist and Fury. ❀️


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