The one when i’m 23.

Dear Monday,

it was my birthday yesterday. I’m now 23 years old, crazy  right? I never cared much about birthdays, it always felt weird to me. I never understood why people made such a big thing out of it. This year was kind of hard for my mind. My age was always just a number, but for some reason, 23 felt pretty scary. 23 feels like a grownup age and i still have nothing figure out. Nothing. and that, that scares me. When i was 16, i believed that people in their 20s knew what the hell they were doing and i couldn’t wait to be at that place in my life. Now that i’m in it, i can see how wrong i was. I have absolutely no idea of what i’m doing and i can only wonder what 16yo Sarah would think if she saw 23yo Sarah. Still lost, still unsure, still dreaming. I think she would freak out in silence, i was always good at doing that. 

Anyway Monday, yesterday was a weird day. I got calls and texts from people i barely talk to, i’ve overthink my life and i ate way too much cake.

i’m still not sure if it was a good or a bad day.
Yours truly,



5 thoughts on “The one when i’m 23.

  1. fridaysandbooks says:

    Birthdays are for too much cake and thinking about your life 😉 Happy belated birthday!! I’ll be 23 this year too (in October) and I don’t have my life figured out either. I think when we’re in our teens and think we’ll have to together my out twenties, it’s just a way to comfort ourselves. But I’m not sure anyone really ever has it “together” because we’re always growing and changing and wanting new things. I just try not to overthink it and be happy for the little things. Like new books and cinnamon flavored coffee and blogs 🙂

    • sarahinzombieland says:

      Thanks! i wish i could stop overthinking, but that’s pretty what i do every day. I like what you said about the comforting ourself with this picture perfect of the twenties, you are probably right.

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