The one when I don’t know what to say.


Dear Monday,

I guess you could tell by the title of today’s post that I have absolutely no idea what to tell you. Maybe it’s because i’m writing this early in the morning, maybe it’s because I’ve been so freaking exhausted and sad all week, maybe it’s because nothing inspiring happened. It was a long week, Monday. The kind that feels like it’s never going to end. I fell like my last letter to you was ages ago. I think the worst was the lack of sleep and the crazy hours at work. I need a break from life.

I hope I get something more interesting to tell you next week. Maybe i’ll do something crazy, something incredible. Maybe i’ll find a new job, maybe i’ll fall in love, maybe i’ll jump off a plane, or dance all night to my favorite songs. But right now, Monday, right now I’ll go to work and do my best. Be kind to me today, Monday.

Yours truly,


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