Review : Don’t Stay Up Late by R. L. Stine

Ever since a car accident killed her father and put Lisa and her mother into the hospital, Lisa can’t think straight. She’s plagued by nightmares and hallucinations that force her to relive the accident over and over again in vivid detail. When Lisa finds out that a neighbor is looking for a babysitter for her young son, she takes the job immediately, eager to keep busy and shake these disturbing images from her head. But what promised to be an easy gig turns terrifying when Lisa begins to question exactly who — or what — she is babysitting.

oh. my dear R.L. Stine, you never fail to entertain me. This book was fun, but not extraordinary. The storyline was okay with some interesting parts. The horror aspect was well-done. The twists were predictable, i pretty much knew from the start what was happenning. It was still very addictive, even if it was cheesy and unoriginal, i couldn’t stop reading.   I really dislike the main character. She was awful. She spends her time screaming and making stupid choices. i hated her from the start. The side characters were boring and forgetable. it was hard to care for them. I didn’t even felt abit bad when some of them were dying. The whole romantic drama annoyed me, there was absolutely no point in the kiss between Lisa and Isaac. 

Overall, i can’t say i hate this book, but i can’t say i love it either. It was okay.

Don’t Stay Up Late : 3/5


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