The one when I quit.


Dear Monday,

Remember last week when I said I was hoping that something interesting was going to happen this week so i’d have some interesting stuff to tell you, well…. I quit my job this week. I’ve been working at a deli counter for almost 4 years now and I freaking quit. You have no idea how paralyzed and scared I felt. Saying the words outloud to my boss made me nervous. The not knowing part of what’s going to happened next is freaking me out too. That’s a lot of  strong emotions in such a short week.
It’s not like I have no plan. I do have a new job starting up in 10 days in a coffeeshop. There’s a lot of reasons why I wanted a new job. I made a list of everything that needed to be change in my life, my job being at the top of it. I had a good time at the deli counter, but lately I’ve been feeling like crap everytime I walked in there. That’s when you know you need something new. The coffeeshop is going to be good for me, I hope. Evenings and weekends off every week, i’ll have a life back. This should be fun.
Changes are scary, but I think changes can be good. I think this will be a great new adventure, and don’t worry Monday, i’ll tell you all about it.

Yours truly,



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