Review : The Fray Theory : Resonance by Nelou Keramati

“Neve Knightly lives in an ordinary world. Where déjà vu is nothing more than a mind-trick. Where premonitions are dismissed as mere coincidence. Where no one thinks twice about the glitches in their reality.

Neve Knightly is living a lie. But when her nightmare of a tragedy comes true the very next day, she can no longer seek solace in self-deception. The glossy enamel has been shattered, and she has caught a glimpse of what slithers just beneath the surface.

She now has the opportunity to decipher the enigma that’s been haunting her since childhood. But her quest soon becomes deeply entangled with the last two people she could have ever imagined: the love of her life, Dylan, who mysteriously vanished three years ago, and his estranged best friend, Romer, who seems to be guarding a secret of his own.

Romance, rancor, and redemption plummet as priorities, as their lives become riddled with peculiar happenings lying just outside the realm of science. And in search for salvation, they emerge at the brink of unveiling the best-kept secret in human history. ”

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

This book comes out august 31 2016

Omg guys, i have so much love for this book. I can’t even think right now, all i want to say is : OMG. Seriously, this was such an interesting story. I love the whole idea of the theories and i didn’t guess where the story was about to take me. The mystery was extremely well-done and the story was fast-paced. I knew after finishing the first chapter that i’d have a hard time putting this book down. The writing was beautiful and it just sucked me in from the start. It was such an epic first chapter, what a way to get your reader’s attention! After that, all i wanted to do is find out what the hell was happening. The ending made me SUPER excited for the sequel, i just can’t wait to learn more about the Reaper. I also can’t wait to see our 3 main characters work together. It’s going to be so great. The characters in this book are just so damn amazing. Neve was perfect. Strong, smart, very human too. I love the fact that she doesn’t become a stupid little girl in love when Dylan gets back in her life. Probably one of my mew favorite female character. Dylan was such and interesting protagonist. i loved trying to figure out what was happening with him, and after everything we learn, i just wanted more Dylan in my life. Romer is my favorite. (i think, seriously, i love them all so freaking much). He’s the bad boy with a broken aspect type of character, but he is also so much more. The writer gave him so many intriguing layers, it was always a fascinating ride to read his chapters. Intense and funny, but also vulnerable in his own way. Together they make one of the most interesting cast of characters i have read about in a while. Their backstories are so rich, well-done and captivating, giving them all alot of personality and depth. Having 3 POVs really help too, i love all of them and seeing them interact. They all have their very own voice. The only little thing i didn’t enjoy much is the possible love triangle that seem to be starting, BUT I think maybe the bromance may win in this case. Dylan and Romer’s friendship is one of those really strong one and i can’t wait to see more of it.

This book surprised me im every possible ways and completely exceeded my expectation. The only think i can say now is READ THIS BOOK.

The Fray Theory #1 : 4.5/4


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