Wrap-up : June 2016

HELLO DEAR READER FRIENDS, it’s the second day of July and before we start going on this month crazy adventures, we need to look back at all the good books i have read in June. 11 books, to many of them I gave 4.5/5, it was a good month. πŸ˜‰

πŸ“šThe Fray Theory (ARC, Ebook) : 4.5/5

πŸ“šAmy and Roger’s Epic Detour : 4.5/5

πŸ“šDreamology : 4.5/5

πŸ“šThe Rose and the Dagger : 3/5

πŸ“šDon’t Stay Up Late : 3/5

πŸ“šMore Happy Than Not : 4.5/5

πŸ“šThe Archived : 4.5/5

πŸ“šThe Unbound : 4.5/5

πŸ“šLovely, dark and deep : 3.5/5

πŸ“šMe Before You (ebook) : 4.5/5

πŸ“š Kindred Spirits: 4/5
Favorite : More Happy Than Not. 


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