The one when i’m a dark elf.

Dear Monday,

i had 3 days off and i only went outside once. The things is, i bought an new xbox one last week. Mostly because i needed Elder Scrolls. Skyrim being one of my favorite games of all time, i’ve been dying to try out this one. So, i haven’t talk to an other human being (well, other than my best friend who was playing with me) in days and i’m not gonna lie, Monday, it felt good. I may sound awful by saying this, but i’ll say it anyways : People annoy me. I know, i’m terrible. But i like my alone time and i just hate having to fake a smile when i’m stuck in a conversations with a boring person. i don’t mind being lock up in my apartement for 3 days playing video games, i love it actually, and i can’t wait to do it again.

So, you can guess Monday that i don’t have much to say about my life since i didn’t do anything. I’m starting my new job full-time tomorrow, this should be interesting. i’ll tell you all about it new week.
Yours truly,



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