Review : Sakura Cardcaptor Vol. 1 – 4

“Fourth grader Sakura Kinomoto finds a strange book in her father’s library — a book made by the wizard Clow to store dangerous spirits sealed within a set of magical cards. But when Sakura opens it up, there is nothing left inside but Kero-chan, the book’s cute little guardian beast . . . who informs Sakura that since the Clow cards seem to have escaped while he was asleep, it’s now her job to capture them! ”

oh, dear reader, i have so much love for this beautiful and amazing series. I remember loving this series when i was a kid, and revisiting it was the best idea ever. The storyline is simple amazing, so fun and cute and AWHHHH. Adorable. I just love the whole concept of magic cards. The adventures are always interesting. The romances is well-done and so freaking cute. #OTP. The characters are incredible and so fantastic. Sakura is a perfect main character. I love her personnality, she is fun to follow around. The side characters are all epic too. All of them. I can’t pick a favorite. 

I have so much love for this series. I finished these 4 books in 24hrs, it’s all i could think about. This series is simply perfect. If you ever wanted to pick up a manga, you should start with this one.

Sakura Cardcaptor : 5/5


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