Currently watching – Stranger Things – S1E1


It’s been a while since I did one of those blog post when I just sit down, watch something and write down everything I think/feel/love/hate about it. Since I was going to start this new series on Netflix tonight, I decided to just do it. I always enjoyed doing those blog post. So, if you don’t know, Stranger Things is a sci-fi series created by Netflix that came out today. I’ve been excited for this series for weeks now, it just looks like something I could really love.

Ok, ready?


  • One scene in and it’s already creepy, yayy.
  • awhh, just a nice group a geeky boys playing games.
  • YOU’VE BEEN PLAYING FOR TEN HOURS? Well, she sounds exactly like my mom xD
  • You just know something is going to go wrong. O.O
  • Well…that creatures is really scary. I would be freaking out if I was that little boy.
  • From what I saw so far, the monstre reminds me of the one in Signs, which is a good thing because this is one of my favorite alien movies EVER.
  • Ohh, Winona Ryder. ♥ Forgot she was part of the cast, this keeps getting better.
  • I hate how police never believe parents in movie, it’s like, mehh, your kid didn’t came home tonight? well, it’s probably nothing. Shut up. Help her.
  • The vibe in this show is incredible. Feels like an old school movies from the 80 or something.
  • awhhh, those boys are so nerdy. I love them all. ♥
  • I wish I had a small house to hide out in the woods like Will.
  • Oh this little girl is a very intriguing character.
  • Joyce always sounds so mad, even at the start before her kid goes missing, she just sounded so pissed about everything.
  • It always looks so easy to climb into a window in movies and tv show, there is no way I could ever do that.
  • That phone call was weird and scary. O.O
  • Nerd boys and strange girl meet, this will be interesting.
  • The acting is great.

Okay, so i’m really impressed by this first episode! This was creepy, interesting and dark. I’m starting episode 2 right now, I can’t wait to learn more about this show.

Hope you enjoyed this short blog post, I always love doing them. ^.^


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