The one with the Pokemons

Dear Monday,

i’m continuig our conversation from last week and going even deeper into my childhood. Today, i want to talk about Pokemon because with Pokemon Go being such a crazy thing, it’s just normal to have them on my mind. I was up early every day as a kid just to be sure i wouldn’t miss my daily episode of the show. I have so many great memories with my little brother, thanks to this show. Later, in school, i was running around outside with my friends. Some days I was a Vulpix, others i  was a Pikachu, we never got bored. We’d go back home after school and take out the N64 with Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon snap. Those ganes never left my side, even now. I still buy every new games they come up with. I’m still a fan. I will always be. i’m a 23 years old who spent her weekend running around town looking for Pokemon. 

yours truly.



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