Sarah plays LAYERS OF FEAR

So, i decided to add a new type of post where i just talk about the video games i’vd been playing. I do love my games and i’m always happy to share them with you guys. I don’t want this blog to only be books anymore, i want to be able to talk about everything I love.

Okay, so the first game I want to talk aboutย is Layers of Fear…

Played on STEAM.

Layers of fear is a horror game. I felt like nothing much was happening, mostly all you need to do is walk around this really creepy house and solve a couple of puzzles to finish up you painting, but i absolutely loved how weird this game was. And the ambiance was great. The music, the decor, the storyline, so strange and fun. The jumpscares were a bit easy and repetitive, but i still find them enjoyable. I wasn’t a big fan of the last part, i was hoping for something more, but overall, i really liked this game.

Layers of Fear : 4/5


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