The one when i forgot.

Dear Monday,

I forgot your letter last week. i’m sorry, my head was a mess. It’s been a hard couple of days in my mind, it was bad. i’ve been okay in the past months, but this week, i felt like was falling in a cold, black hole. So, yeah, I wasn’t really inspired last week. I’m still feeling mentally exhausted, but i’m a little better now. 

Lets talk about something else now, something lighter. Lets talk about Harry Potter. The new book came out yesterday, i’ve finished it in just a couple hours. Harry Potter is such a big part of my life and i’m so happy that we got a little big more of this world, of these characters. It did help with my mood. Books are always there when i need to escape for a while. Thank god for fiction. 

That’s all for today, Monday. I hope this week is better.
Yours truly,



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