Review : Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

i’m just going to say a couple words about this book because i have no idea how to review 1) a play and 2) an Harry Potter book.

So, i finished this book in one sitting. It was quick and entertaining. i absolutely LOVE IT. Being back in this world made me so freaking happy and omg, it was awesome. The plot had a couple of flaws, but overall it was great. We got to see our old favorite characters. Harry, Hermione and Ron, awhh, it was like meeting up with some old friends. And meeting their kids was sooooo fun. My heart belongs to Scorpius Malfoy. Wow. Just wow. Such a perfect character. So adorable and cute and funny. I have soooooooo much love for him. His friendship with Albus was fantastic. I SHIP IT PEOPLE. I SHIP IT. 

So, yup, that’s all i’m going say. this play was just so fun, being back in this magical world made me smile like i just won the lottery. 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child : 5/5


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