The one when it’s Sunday.

Dear Monday,

i know you may wonder why the title is about Sunday, well it’s because i’m writing this letter to you during my Sunday evening. I had a perfect day and i felt like i needed to share it with you. Sundays are my favorite, it’s such a relaxing and lazy day. It was rainy and dark and warm, but i didn’t mind. I stayed in most of the day. My roomate and I spent most of it in our pjs watching horror movies and eating chocolate , drinking coffee with the sound of the rain as a background music. It was just like the old days, in our high school summer nights. We are older now, but some things just never change. We didn’t do much, didn’t talk much either, just a lazy day of doing nothing. Those are the best. Those are my favorite. I’m feeling ready of the week now, Monday, i’m feeling ready for you. 

Yours Truly,



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