Review : Schizo by Nic Sheff

“Miles is the ultimate unreliable narrator—a teen recovering from a schizophrenic breakdown who believes he is getting better . . . when in reality he is growing worse.

 Driven to the point of obsession to find his missing younger brother, Teddy, and wrapped up in a romance that may or may not be the real thing, Miles is forever chasing shadows. As Miles feels his world closing around him, he struggles to keep it open, but what you think you know about his world is actually a blur of gray, and the sharp focus of reality proves startling.”

I’m still not too sure how i feel about this book. A part of me enjoy it for most part. The story was interesting, but predictable. I kind of knew from the start where the story was going. That didn’t stop me from liking it. Actually, my main problem was probably that it wasn’t long enough. I felt like some parts were rush and that we didn’t get enough time with the characters. I wanted more character development, more time with Miles. He was a very interesting main character. I like having a narrator who we can really trust, who’s voice is uncertain. We were always walking a line between what was real and what Miles believed was real. An other part of me wasn’t a big fan of the book because of all it’s little flaws. The writing wasn’t my favorite neither.

Overall, i can see why people liked this book. I enjoyed most of it, but it’s not a book i would reread.

Schizo : 3/5


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