Review : If You Feel Too Much by Jamie Tworkowski 

I don’t want to call this a review because i just can’t review it the same way i would a fiction. That book was exactly what i needed and I think that’s why i loved it so much. Maybe if i read it a couple months back, this 5/5 book would’ve been a 3 or a 4 for me, who knows…but right now, in my current state of mind, in my current way of being, of living, all i can say was that it was amazing, emotional, and full of hope. i’m still not over it. Some people just really know how to inspired people with their words.

So, for me, this book was perfect. But i really think reading this book is a personal thing. The rating will depend on how you feel when you open up the book and what you are looking for when you do it.

To Write Love on her arm : X ❤

If You Feel Too Much : 5/5


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