Everything you need for the perfect Autumn.

Hello readers, happy first day of Autumn!

For a long time, summer was my favorite season. I was off school for two months with nothing to do but hangout by the pool with my friends and spend my nights watching movies. Life was good. but growing up, i discover a new favorite time of the year and it’s autumn. The colder weather, the colors in the trees, the cozy sweaters and warm drinks. Halloween and pumpkin latte. I love it. Love everything about this season.
In today’s post, i decided to share with you some little essentials to make autumn even better. Books to read, movies to watch and accessories to buy. Enjoy.

You should read :

Something dark. horror. Fantasy. Thriller. My first recommendation is NIGHT FILM. This book has the perfect vibe for those dark autumn nights. Creepy and interesting with twists and turns. A MADNESS SO DISCREET would also be a good pick. Again, it’s the vibe of it. Dark, heavy, so perfect for autumn. This book may not be perfect, but the writing, the talks of insanity, what’s good, what’s bad, the exploration of the criminal minds, it all put this book on my autumn recommendation list. THE GIRL IN 6E was an original and great book. it really took me by surprise. Twisted characters, a good mystery, and an intense storyline. CORALINE because it’s weird and fun and because you can never go wrong with a Neil Gaiman’s book. ROTTERS is the last book on my list, mostly because i’ll use every opportunity to recommend it. This book is amazing, emotional, and grave-robbing is a good thing to read about around halloween.


You will need :

This mug : X

il_570xn-972130756_4ewvbecause it’s freaking cute and describes autumn’s life perfectly. Books, coffee and rain, what more do you need?


This scarf : X

il_570xn-881663422_2dznIt’s getting cold, you will want something warm when you have to go out. Why not show your love for books at the same time? A library card scarf is the perfect way of doing it.


This sweatshirt : X

il_570xn-878544371_lrvaHope you were not expecting a list without any harry potter on it, OBVIOUSLY, you will need a sweatshirt to show your house with pride. I’m a proud Ravenclaw, but don’t worry, you can easily find it for all the other houses too. ๐Ÿ˜‰


This throw pillow : X


i can see myself all cozy in my sweatshirt, with a good cup of coffee, my favorite book in my hand with this adorable pillow on the couch. I like the quote, i like the simple style. it’s perfect.


You shoud watch :

  • Trick’r Treat : it’s my perfect movie recommendation for October, grab some halloween candy, get comfy and enjoy this little movie.
  • American Horror Story : pick your season and get suck into this weird and disturbing TV show. One of my all time favorite, so creepy and dark.
  • Ginger Snap : it’s set in autumn, it’s about werewolves, it has my favorite scream queen in it and it has an halloween party scene. do i need to say more?
  • Lord of the Ring : I know this one doesn’t really fit in my list, but i always felt like autumn is a perfect time for a rewatch. It may be dark and rainy outside, but who cares when you have an epic trilogy to keep you compagnie?
  • Shutter Island : I have so much love for this movie. Such an interesting story with good twists and creepy moments.

I’m planning on making more movie recommends during the month of October, so don’t worry, i have you cover ๐Ÿ˜‰


Here you go, i think we are all set for Autumn now, lets make it a good one!


3 thoughts on “Everything you need for the perfect Autumn.

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  1. This is literally just me in a post ahaha! Gotta love warm drinks in a variety of mugs, hoodies and scarf. And of course books. I love Autumn so much. And I loved this post!

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