Review : The Call by Peadar O’Guillín

“Imagine a world where you might disappear any minute, only to find yourself alone in a grey sickly land, with more horrors in it than you would ever wish to know about. And then you hear a horn and you know that whoever lives in this hell has got your scent and the hunt has already begun.

Could you survive the Call?”

This book just wasn’t for me. I had such high expection. The hype, the description, it all made me think i was gonna love it. I didn’t. i dislike  most of it to be honest. The whole concept was really interesting, but i felt like it wasn’t well done. I was bored most of the time. There was a couple of creepy parts with the sidhe and what they do to the teenagers, but those moments where cut off by boring scenes at the school. I found myself really struggling to finish it, i almost didn’t actually. i was ready to give up. The ending was an absolute let down too….. i didn’t like the writing either. From the start it was a turn off. I also didn’t like how many times we changed POVs and how every character had the same voice. Everything just felt flat to me. I didn’t care at all about the character, so i didn’t feel anything when one of them died, neither did i care for the romance…. like i said, this book didn’t work for me, not even a little….

i’m giving it 2/5 because the concept was interesting enough.

The Call : 2/5


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