Review :House by Christina Lauren

“Gavin tells Delilah he’s hers—completely—but whatever lives inside that house with him disagrees.
After seven years tucked away at an East coast boarding school, Delilah Blue returns to her small Kansas hometown to find that not much has changed. Her parents are still uptight and disinterested, her bedroom is exactly the way she left it, and the outcast Gavin Timothy still looks like he’s crawled out of one of her dark, twisted drawings.

Delilah is instantly smitten.
Gavin has always lived in the strange house: an odd building isolated in a stand of trees where the town gives in to mild wilderness. The house is an irresistible lure for Delilah, but the tall fence surrounding it exists for good reason, and Gavin urges Delilah to be careful. Whatever lives with him there isn’t human, and isn’t afraid of hurting her to keep her away. ”

The first thing I have to say is this is not a horror novel. it’s a romance with a small weird aspect. Is Gavin’s secret weird and creepy? Yeah. a little. it was interesting and i was really excited to see more at first… but the whole thing is push aside by the romance. And gosh did i not care about it. Didn’t believe in it either. For me, that was purely physical, they didn’t have chemistry. The characters were overall okay, but i didn’t care that much for any of them. Gavin was great, his POV was usually my favorite because it gave us little pieces of the daily days in the House. as for Delilah, well, meh. I didn’t hate her, but i was annoyed by alot of her actions. my favorite thing about this book was the writing, i would love to read more of it. It was beautiful, gripping and it gave the story a good vibe.

House was not really what I expected, more a let down than something enjoyable. This book wasn’t what i hoped for. 

House : 2.5/5


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