The Gilmore Girls book tag!



Oh yes people, you can see with this post title that i am a FAN of the Gilmore Girls series and i was soooo happy to see that there was an actual book tag inspired by the show. Obviously, i had to do it. ♥

Lorelai-A character with a witty or sarcastic sense of humor :

I’m going here with Jesper from Six of Crows because his humor is the best damn thing. You guys already know how much i love this series, and Jesper is one of the main reason.


Rory – Your favorite classic :

Awhhhh, there’s a lot of classic i have enjoyed. I think if i had to pick just one i’d go with The Picture of Dorian Gray…but my favorite writer is Edgar Allan Poe.


Luke – A book you secretly love, but are afraid to admit :

Well, i’ve been staring at my shelves for about 10 minutes now and i just can’t think of any books that i love but am afraid of saying. If i love  a book, i’ll say it to everybody who will listening. xD


Lane – A musical character :



Dean- Your first book love (character or book you first loved!)

Harry Potter of course. I feel like that’s the answer for a lot of people. My bookworm adventure started with HP…and as for the character, i want to say that my first fiction book crush was Edward from Twilight. Yup……please don’t judge.


Jess- A book you love, that gets the most hate.

(just so you know, Jess is my favorite character, love him.) and also, i don’t have an answer to this question. Mostly because i can’t think of any books that i have and love that gets alot of hate.


Sooki – A book you’ve devoured :

i could name about 2158631538515637 books that i have devoured. I think the last one that i have devoured was Duality by J. Kowallis. So. Freaking. Good.


Miss Patty – A book that was ruined by the hype :

Passenger was one of those. I heard so many amazing things about it but when i read it, i just felt meh. It was okay, i did like it, but it wasn’t OMG IT WAS INCREDIBLE.


Emily Gilmore – expensive book :

My most expecting book is my complete collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s work. It’s gorgeous. Beautiful cover, golden pages, i love it.


That was my Gilmore Girls tag. hope you enjoyed. I’ve been watching the revival on Netflix and it’s the best thing ever. I’m so in love with that series. ♥


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